Affordable College supports students, community colleges and universities on their separate, but connected paths to success. See how it works by following the story of Jane, a prospective community college student.

This is Jane. She wants to get a degree. Go, Jane!

Her goal is a bachelor’s degree. Starting at a community college is a great choice, because she needs to save as much money as possible.

More than 10 million students enroll at community colleges every year. 
That’s nearly 50% of all undergraduates.
More and more people are choosing not to go to college at all—especially lower-income students, who enroll at alarmingly lower rates than their middle and upper-income peers.

But a lot can throw her off her game. The time and money worry her; she wonders how she'll juggle her job, bills, and transportation.

Attending Community College X and transferring to University Y sounds great.

What Jane doesn’t know is that students lose an average of 13 credits when they transfer, falling a semester behind and amassing billions in unnecessary student debt.
Community College X learns more about Jane too (and all the other Janes like her who download the app), so they’ll be primed to help these students succeed when they enroll.

Jane discovers Affordable College on Community College X‘s website. She downloads the app, and begins learning about all the things Community College X can do to help make her dreams attainable.

Jane’s Ready!
She opens the Affordable College App, selects Community College X, a major, and Transfer University Y.

Community College X and Transfer University Z have worked together in a Transfer Student Marketplace to ensure Jane’s path is lossless, supported, and above all, successful.

Oh no! Via the app, Jane discovers that on that path, she could lose 13 credits and a full semester.

But wait! Affordable College also shows her that transfer to University Z instead means she won’t lose any credits, or the time or money she’ll invest.

With Affordable College's help, Jane enrolls at Community  College X on a new path to transfer to University Z.

Yay, Jane!

After Graduation, University Z is thrilled to see someone like Jane, a prepared, motivated student with one higher education success under her belt.
Jane reaches her goal of a bachelor’s degree from University Z. University Z contributes a percentage of her tuition to The Community College Success Fund,  ensuring community colleges can continue to send Janes their way.

And the cycle continues,

… with more and more partner colleges and universities bringing Janes (and Johns) from all over to prepare, enroll, graduate, transfer, and succeed.